Homecoming preview: bright lights, big city

Nate DeGour, Lancer Express Writer

Where can you find the bright lights of Vegas, the bustling streets of New York, the excitement of Mardi Gras and the starstruck wonder of Hollywood all in the same place?  Carlsbad High School’s 2010 Homecoming.

The theme of this year’s Homecoming dance is Bright Lights, Big City and the four cities chosen were Las Vegas, New Orleans, Hollywood, and New York. Seniors will be constructing the Vegas float, juniors have New York, sophomores chose Hollywood, and freshmen received New Orleans.

“There is no deep meaning behind the theme for this year,” Senior Class President Nick Maddox said. “Someone just said, ‘Hey let’s do Bright Lights, Big City!’ ASB thought it was a fun idea and went with it.”

The new field has caused complications for the floats because of the turf. Administration does not want the floats tearing up the turf, therefore, the floats for this year will be smaller than usual.

Because the floats are significantly smaller than years prior, ASB has decided that each class must perform a skit when their float is rolled onto the field.

“I’ve already got a senior skit planned out,” Maddox said. “It’s going to be epic and there is no way that we can lose. I need to get the seniors on that trophy.”

Will the freshmen be able to keep the title of having the best float? Or will another class swoop in and claim the title for their own? Only time will tell, so go out and talk to your class president to see what you can do to help with your classes float.

The homecoming game is on Oct. 22 and the dance follows the next night on Oct. 23.  ASB is planning on both nights being spectacular and encourages all classes to join in on the fun.