The happiest of returns

Since singer-songwriter, Davin Eagleston, has returned from his mission in Brazil, the Happy Return Band has resumed playing shows locally in Carlsbad and extended.


Andrew Ahi

The crowd sings along to a song with The Happy Return band at the Carlsbad Harding Center in The Village. You can feel the excitement and joy since this is the bands first concert back after a two year break.

Cassidy Taylor, Assistant Editor

Four years ago, singer-songwriter Davin Eagleston founded the local Carlsbad band, The Happy Return. The band consists of four best friends: Davin Eagleston, Bryce Eagleston, Dagan Stagg and Gage Clisby, who all share a passion for creating indie-alternative music.

Their united love for music brought them together to create music of their own.

“Music has always been a huge part of all of our lives, so we just decided if these people can create music then so can we, so we just started writing it,” Davin said, “It’s very therapeutic I’d say.”

Davin Eagleston stands, playing guitar, in front of the crowd who is throwing their hands up to the song. He is excited to be playing for an audience again after being on a two year mission for his church. (Cassidy Taylor)

The band has made three albums and three singles with over 30 thousand monthly listeners on Spotify. Their life experiences through the Carlsbad community and beyond have inspired many of their songs and continues to motivate them to write more music.

“A lot of the songs we write are about the people around us like friends or ourselves and the situations that we get in,” Stagg said.

The band’s most recent album, “Lunch Break”, was inspired by a recent leave they had to undergo. Both the four boys and their fans have been long awaiting their return.

“I left for two years to serve a mission for my church,” Davin said, “It feels really good to be back because before the mission, we did not really take it seriously, it was just kind of a fun thing knowing that I would be leaving. Now that I am home it has been really epic because we have been full sending it and it’s time to really take those next steps.”

Since Davin has returned, the band has been continuing to produce music and recently put on a concert at the Carlsbad Harding Center. Many Carlsbad families and students came out to support the band and their homecoming.

“I think that we did the best that we could, but really, the audience is what made the show fun,” Davin said, “The energy that they had, they were singing with the songs, they were dancing, they were having a good time. So I say it was very successful because the audience was so happy.”

Tell Carlsbad High School that we love them, and we’re excited for more shows and tell them that we say go Lancers”

— The Happy Return

The success of the concert has encouraged the band to continue producing shows both in Carlsbad and other states. Looking further into the future, the band has some even bigger things in the works.

“Our plans for the near future are to headline Lollapalooza; that’s our goal,” Davin said.

Through their love for music these four boys, Davin Eagleston, Bryce Eagleston, Dagan Stagg and Gage Clisby have made many memories while performing in local shows. The excitement and passion from the crowd makes the show enjoyable for the band while on stage.

“I really like playing guitar and playing music with my friends. It is so much fun to get up on stage and do something I enjoy and get to see the reaction from the crowd,” Clisby said.

The past four years have been full of great times and unforgettable memories. However, the best gift to the band has been the support and live they have received from their fans.

“That’s what we’re here to do, is to bring happiness to everyone one song at a time,” Davin said.