The art program needs your vote


Sierra Gomperts

The CHS art department had their students create shoes and enter them in the vans custom culture competition. If Carlsbad wins, the art department will win $50,000. Remember to spread the word and vote!

Savannah Gannon, staff writer

The budget is lacking and supplies are dwindling in the art program, so a sudden rainfall–of cash–would certainly help. The forecast shows a chance of showers but only if the students, staff and community make an effort.

The high school artists entered the Van’s Custom Culture contest, which offers a $50,000 donation to the winner’s art program. Out of the California entries (there are five regions: Northwest, Southwest, California, Northeast and Southeast), Carlsbad and nine other schools qualified for the semi-finals.

Sophomore Natallie Rocha, an Art 3 student, credits the success to their creativity. For example, in the action sports category, the shoe tongue was sewn down to imitate the barrel of a wave.

“We tried to make ours different by adding paper mache to make it 3D and used really good craftsmanship and details,” Rocha said.

In mid-February, each competitor received four Vans shoes to customize by April 7. Each pair must individually represent four themes–action sports, music, art and local flavor–and the designs had to be 100 percent handmade and original.

“We spent a lot of school time creating the shoes,” junior Cassidy Schmidt said. “A few students from each advanced class worked on the shoes for about a month.”

After the voting for semi-final ends, 50 schools, 10 per geographic region, will be narrowed down to five. These finalists will travel to New York City for a three-day, all-expenses-paid trip, which includes a special party to announce the winner. A $50,000 donation with be awarded to the winning art department, while the four runners-up will receive a $4,000 consolation prize.

“It would mean so much to win the $50,000,” Schmidt said. “All of our equipment is old and well-used, so that money would really help the department out.”

The money will not only benefit the program as a whole but also individual students.

“Mrs. Foulk is looking to put the money towards all of her classes, so we can get more personal supplies such as colored pencils or paints we can take home,” Rocha said. “This way, we won’t be scrounging for materials.”

Carlsbad really needs your vote to win. To vote click “Vote Now.” CHS is located under the California region. Voting ends May 12, so spread the word.