A new addition to the Carlsbad lifestyle


Bryanna Mundy, Editor-in-chief

Tourists know Carlsbad for beautiful beaches and legendary skate spots; however, city officials now have plans to construct a thirty-two acre park which will serve as a destination for locals.

Located East of El Camino Real, bordered by Poinsettia Lane and Alicante Road, the new park has been highly anticipated for years.

“This is a true community park. Planning for this park started in 2002,” said city official Chris Hazleton. “What you see today is really the result of that true community input.”

Alga Norte Community is specifically designed for the Carlsbad lifestyle. The park includes three lighted ball fields with a concession stand, one lighted full basketball park and one half court, picnic areas with barbeques, and a playground with 100 percent universally accessible play equipment.

The dog park will be divided into two sections for bigger and smaller dogs and give your dogs plenty of exercise from the many obstacles set up. Any dog-lover out there will be pleased to know the park design is three times bigger than the only other dog park in Carlsbad.

“I think a dog park is a great idea because it’s a convenient spot where I can take my dog and spend time with him,” sophomore Kaitlyn Keller said. “I love my dog and being able to go there and play with him is priceless.”

For younger children, the universally accessible playground is designed for all kids, including those who have disabilities, to enjoy their time at the park. It offers a more difficult course of travel and activities besides the typical ramp-accessible paths.

All age groups were thought of in planning for the park, and students can fully benefit from the addition of the Aquatics Center. The Aquatics center will have a 56-meter competition pool, a 25-yard swim instruction pool, a “spray-ground” play area for children, heated locker and restrooms, meeting rooms, and a concessions area.

“The Olympic size pool is really something the community asked for, and clearly you can see in the design there is an Olympic sized pool,” Hazleton said.

Along with swimming, many students have also found skateboarding as more than just a past time or means of transportation, and will be able to hang out at the skate park designed for all skill levels. It will even include a “street course” area and be lighted after the sun goes down.

Phase one of the park is planned to be completed in late 2013. Phase two is still in proposition, but may have features such as a lazy river and water slides. When completed, Carlsbad can enjoy a variety of fun activities and exercise for themselves and their families.