Students slug it out with teachers in home run derby

Students and faculty battle out in the Homerun Derby at lunch, ending in victory for the teachers.

Students and faculty battle out in the Homerun Derby at lunch, ending in victory for the teachers.

Shon Cagungun, staff writer

ASB pulled on their high socks and broke out their baseball bats at lunch on Thursday to battle the teachers in a home run derby. Both sides were ready to assert their dominance but ultimately the teachers’ years of experience won the day.

The rules of the competition were simple: hit as many softballs into the outfield as possible without missing or hitting short of the row of cones.

The students boasted an athletic squad and were confident in their abilities to best the older team.

At their first at bat, it seemed as though the teachers’ chance at victory was slim; Mr. Fieberg scoring a run.

“I felt pretty confident,” senior Gaby Wagner said. “We were practicing before and they were doing really poorly in the first inning.”

However, a poor showing by ASB in their first inning left them with only three runs.

In the second round, the heat was on as the teachers socred an additional 13  runs to bring the score to 14-3.

The tension became palpable as the final ASB inning started with the students in the hole by 11 runs. As they came up to bat on-by-one, that deficit decreased to a mere three runs.

“I thought the students were going to win,” senior Tilly Rudolph said. “[They] made a really good comeback.”

Unfortunately, senior slugger Domininc LaPorta struck out and the final score was set: teachers- 14, asb-11. For now, the teachers can bask in the glory of their superior athletic prowess.

Regardless, both teams were excited about the event and the opportunity for the teachers and students to settle some scores and get on their feet and in motion. After long hours with these teachers in the classroom, the chance to get outside and play around was welcome.

“I think it was a different way for students and teachers to interact,” Rudolph said. “Everyone had a good time and the competition was fierce.”