Hilly Rubin pursues his passion


Linea Stern, Staff Writer

Having millions of fans, making loads of money and appearing on magazine covers seems like a fantasy for most teenage boys. However, for junior Hilly Rubin, this dream may become a reality.

“I have been involved in music since I was young because my mom was a singer,” Rubin said. “I want to become a singer/songwriter and take it somewhere.”

Rubin works wonders with his music because he has an amazing range of musical capabilities. In addition to singing, Rubin also plays guitar and violin. His willingness to try new instruments brings a new sound to his music.

“I just started playing the piano and I have been practicing a lot,” Rubin said. “ I want to make that instrument as main as guitar.”

Rubin has already made a mark on the music scene by performing at a few gigs. He has performed a benefit show in Encinitas at a coffee shop named, “It’s a Grind,” but it does not stop there; Hollywood has already recruited him to play at the Key Club.

“Performing at the Key Club in Hollywood was a good experience,” Rubin said. “It was a first step and a lot of stuff went into it that opened my eyes.”

With school and other activities, finding the time to write songs may present a challenge. However, Rubin always finds the time to express himself through music. He loves to write and finds inspiration day-to-day.

“Song writing is something I take pride in and I write about everything,” Rubin said. “ I try to mix up my songs because it gets boring.”

With all of his hard work and effort, Hilly Rubin is well on the way to being on the next billboard sign in NYC. Rubin’s passion for music will fuel his motivation and drive to become a professional musician.

“I love music and it is what makes me happy,” Rubin said. “Music is something that comes from the love [in] my heart.”