Q & A with Taylor Rarick


Melissa Contreras, Multimedia

Taylor Rarick is a senior at Carlsbad High School who has spent most of her life traveling to many different places around the world with her friends and family. She looks back on the places she has visited and discusses her future plans as a world traveler.

Lancer Link: How old were you when you first traveled out of the United States and where?

Taylor Rarick: I was six years old when I traveled to Tonga with my mom.

LL: What do you remember from that experience?

TR: The only thing they serve you is seafood or chinese food, I don’t think they have ever heard of a hot dog.

LL: Which other places have you visited?

TR: I have been to Tonga, Ireland, Scotland, England, Greece, Rome, Netherlands, South Africa, Germany, France, Spain, Mexico, New Zealand, Norway and Canada.

LL: Out of all the places you have visited, which is your favorite.

TR: It’s hard for me to pick just one place but I can say my top three favorite places that I have visited is probably Amsterdam, Scotland, and Greece.

LL: What place would you like to visit that you haven’t visited yet?

TR: I really want to go to Egypt but it’s not very safe right now and they are just going through a lot of turmoil.

LL: Who or what has influenced you to travel so much?

TR: My mom wanted me to get out and experience different things and for me not to be afraid to get out and see the world.

LL: Do you to travel anywhere this year?

TR: Yes this year I’m going to Israel during winter break with my family.

LL: Do you plan to study abroad and if yes, where?

TR: I plan on traveling and studying abroad my junior year in college in London and possibly also in Spain for the whole year. I also want to move out and live somewhere afterwards out of the country for a certain period of time, but I haven’t decided where yet.