Q&A with Proma Dewanjee

Brooke Wasson, features editor

Senior Proma Dewanjee has been swimming competitively for her whole life and recently changed up her daily routine by practicing her diving. This transition was sparked during her sophomore year and ever since then, Dewanjee has spent countless hours perfecting her dive.

Lancer Link: What initially got you interested in dive and how long have you been doing it?

Proma Dewanjee: I started diving my sophomore year and I got interested originally by cliff jumping in Hawaii.

LL: What makes dive different than other water sports?

PD: Dive it so different than other water sports because it is the closest thing you can get to flying. It literally feels like you are flying so it makes it a sport as well as an art because of the beauty of the positions.

LL: How is the team dynamic this year?

PD: This year we have a lot of new male divers which is cool, but we have had to have a lot of practice because they are more aggressive when they dive.

LL: How demanding is this sport, mentally and physically?

PD: Dive is mentally demanding because you have to concentrate and really try to not think of the fear behind jumping off a high surface. It is physically demanding because you have to control your body a lot and slamming against the water hurts more than people think it would.

LL:  Why should people appreciate diving?

PD: Diving is very beautiful to watch and theres a lot of work and repetition put into perfecting your dive. When people watch it, it looks so eloquent and effortless which is what makes it so hard.

LL: How do you like diving compared to swimming?

PD: Compared to swim, dive is completely different. Dive is very physically demanding like swim, but it is also like performing in a way so that makes it a completely new experience for me. There is a beauty to it which is very different than most sports.