Makeup makes future career

Mikayla Wood, Staff Writer

Makeup: a simple daily routine for some, an arduous task for others, and a passion for Catalina Mertz. This talented sophomore is popularly known around campus, and on social media, as Cat. Her fascination in makeup has expanded into possible career opportunities and has become more than just a hobby.

Cat’s interest in makeup was not completely random. In fact, it was inspired by some of her closest relatives–her mom and her sister, senior Alexis Mertz.

“I got started because my mom is a professional makeup artist and hair stylist and I have an older sister who got really interested also,” sophomore Cat Mertz said. “They both would do [their makeup] all the time and I would just watch them and was super fascinated with it so I just got into it.”

Alexis recalls when her sister first started showing interest in makeup too. She helped develop her sister’s interest into a hobby they shared together.

“It started with her watching a lot of YouTube videos, and then she came to me and started asking me questions about techniques for makeup,” senior Alexis Mertz said. “So, we would share our techniques and talk about [makeup] and watch videos together. Then, she went out and she started buying new products and trying it herself. I would walk into her room and she would be trying new makeup looks.”

Eager to share her hobby and skills with others, Cat began publishing photos and videos on social media. Most of her videos cover basic techniques on how to apply makeup to most part of the face including but not limited to: the application of foundation, eyeliner, mascara, lipstick, and eyebrow filling.

“To start off, I made an Instagram account which is called and I just let my close friends follow it because I didn’t want it to be a huge public thing at first,” Cat said. “So then I posted videos of myself putting makeup on and showing people how to do it. It had tips and tricks, and then there’s a couple videos of my sister doing my make-up.”

As a result of the encouragement and admiration from her friends and followers, Cat is also planning to start a Youtube blog for her videos in the future. This will allow her to upload longer videos with extensive detail. Cat hopes this talent will develop into a suitable career in the future.

“It’s definitely been one of my passions for a while,” Cat said. “I would love to pursue it as a career because my mom does makeup and hair on brides, so I think it would be cool to go into the wedding business because that’s what she does.”

Cat’s videos are informational and teach numerous methods for applying makeup, but her personality and way in which she expresses herself is also very inspiring to others.

“I’m really proud of her because she isn’t afraid to express herself and she genuinely loves what she does and shares it with other people and I admire that about her,” Alexis said. “She has inspired me to not be afraid of taking chances or risks, doing what you love despite what other people may think of you, and just living life to the fullest.”

What started out as a desire to begin wearing makeup and try new products, became a passion ignited by Cat’s eagerness to develop her skills.

“I love doing makeup,” Cat said. “It’s a daily thing so it’s just a huge part of my life, so I’d love to do it as a career if it’s possible in my future.”

Want to learn more about Cat’s talents? Check out her Instagram account: !