Triple Threat


Emma Lupica , Editor-in-Chief

It is very rare to come across triplets, but at Carlsbad High, the Liebentritt sisters deny these odds. The Liebentritts tell what it is like to be a triplet and younger brother, Sophomore Zeek Liebentritt, states what life is like when you have triplet sisters.

Although they tend to use a lot of data, the benefits of having three sisters far outweigh the disadvantages in the opinion of Zeek.  

“I’ve learned half the stuff I currently know from them,” sophomore Zeek Liebentritt said. “They have taught me a lot of life lessons.”  

Not only have the triplets taught their brother many life lessons, they have taught each other many things as well.

“They taught me not turn your back on each other,” senior Tyler Liebentritt said. “And that we will always be there for each other no matter what.”

Not only do the triplets help Zeek outside of school, they are able to share their past experiences with him regarding school.

“They have gone through all of the same teachers basically,” Zeek said. “They tell me what their past teachers were like and what information I need to know about the class.”

Most people are accustomed to only having one or two older siblings but Zeek has three sisterly figures to guide him.

“The best thing about having triplets is that there is always three extra sets of hands to help me out,” Zeek said. “No matter what. They help you out, they get you places, they do all this stuff for you.”  

Although all of the Liebentritt siblings are incredibly close, the triplets share other things that other siblings may not experience.

“With us three, we do many things together and experience things similar to each other at the same time,” senior Juliana Liebentritt said. “We are experiencing it together.”

There are many positive outcomes of being a triplet in the opinions of the Liebentritt girls.

“Someone is always there for you 24/7, if you need help or advice, they are there,” Juliana said. “You always have a guaranteed friend with you at all times.”

The triplets positively impact each other’s lives and bring the entire Liebentritt family together.

“I would not change it for the world,” Tyler said. “I cannot imagine my life without them. They are the greatest people on the planet and I would never know what to do without them.”