A day in the life with Ashley Lang


Hailey Nalitt

Ashley Lang is a senior at Carlsbad High. She does hurdles for track, has been in ASB for two years and this year is in academic league. Lang has found ways to connect with both school and friends.

Olivia Easterbrook, Writer

Cats. Glasses. AP Physics. Eazy-E. Track. Academic League. Old Soul. Roaster. Destroyer of Worlds (both real and LEGO). This is Ashley Lang.

Between running hurdles for CHS Track and working at LEGOLAND, Lang finds ways to connect with her school and classmates.

Lang is a senior at Carlsbad High, and has been making her mark all throughout her four years. She has been a part of track by running hurdles, contributing to the school through ASB for two years and for the first time her senior year she is involved with Academic League.

ASB gives students the opportunity to speak up in the classroom and to lead their student body with pride. Lang has been in ASB for two years, and through this class she has learned confidence and patience.

“I’ve learned to be much more confident in myself I don’t get nervous talking in front of classes because that’s what I’ve been doing for a while, while passing things out during ASB,” Lang said. “It has helped me assess situations better and decide what needs to be done in order to complete a task.”

ASB has given Lang the chance to connect with other students and faculty.

“I’ve gotten close with the people like admin, counselors and the custodians of our school, they’ve helped ASB complete what we do and I appreciate them for what they do for the school especially Randy, Chuck and Adrian,” Lang said.

After school, Lang runs hurdles.

“I like running because it is a stress-reliever and it’s fun to be able to run over hurdles,” Lang said. “Track is also an independent sport, which allows be to push myself to get a PR and a better time than the last time I ran.”

When you think Lang couldn’t accomplish more, she has been a vital member of the Carlsbad High’s Academic League team. The varsity team of Academic League, composed of all girls, has been undefeated this season and will move on to playoffs. These girls have their final competition, League Championships, April 12 at Torrey Pines High School.

“It feels so great to have made it to League Championships,” said Lang. “I’m so excited it’s my first year doing it and I feel even better since we are a girls team.”

Within her last months here at Carlsbad, Lang will continue to help run our student body, run track and answer difficult questions at Academic League matches.