Champion Lancer, Megan Schoen(12) signs a trading card to hand out to elementary and middle school kids encouraging a substance free life. Multiple times a month the Champion Lancers visit elementary and middle schools and participate in various activities.

Meet the 2015-2016 Champion Lancers

Champion Lancers serve as role models to the youth and the community by promoting drug free lifestyles and positive life choices. You might recognize some of these people walking around campus, and your little sister might recognize these same people at her elementary school.

“The Champion Lancers are important because they are role models to younger students in our district,” Champion Lancer coordinator Rosemary Eshleman said. “It is important to have young people talk with someone not so far removed from their age and hear their stories.”

Along with playing high-priority sports, and taking AP classes, the Champion Lancers take time out of their schedule to go around to the elementary schools to talk to kids about living a healthy lifestyle. This isn’t only a learning experience for the kids, but for the Champion Lancers as well.

“As a Champion Lancer I have learned that kids in elementary school and middle school actually look up to high school students,” senior Megan Schoen said. “It made me realize how important it is to be a really good example for them because you want them to grow up really successful and it starts with you and the example you give.”

They make a big impact on the youth in the Carlsbad community. The creation of Champion Lancers has helped influence the younger generation how to live a fulfilling life without the use of drugs or alcohol.

“Without the program of Champion Lancers, the elementary and middle school students would look toward media as a role model,” senior Emma Veidt said. “But we are leading them and showing them that they can be drug and alcohol free and have a successful life just like anyone else.”

The Champion Lancers themselves when they were younger were inspired by the high schoolers, and have aspired to make the same impact on the youth now. This program has been a changing factor in many kids’ lives, and will continue to uphold it’s inspirational reputation.

“I know it sounds cliche, but I love making a difference,” Veidt said.

Emma Veidt, 12th Grade
Bronson Montgomery, 11th grade
Macy Peabody, 11th grade
Collin Riccitelli, 12th grade
Megan Schoen, 12th grade
Jake Stevens, 12th grade
Rebecca Allen, 11th grade
Tyler White, 12th grade
Joseph O’Neill, 12th grade
Andrian Eagleston, 12th grade
Andie Naugler, 12th grade
Ethan Brandt, 11th grade

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