Nathan Williams exceeds excellence

Madison Medina, editor in chief

While many kids plan on attending their dream school, it is merely a dream for most. As for some, including Carlsbad High scholar athlete Nathan Williams, this dream can come true. Williams will be attending Harvard University this upcoming year, and has big goals for his upcoming years there.

“When I found out, I was actually in class,” senior Nathan Williams said. “It was a really weird feeling knowing I got in [to Harvard]. I didn’t really react and I just sat there with my mouth open. I was also really surprised about athlete of the year because I was not expecting that at all, but I was really happy to find out I received that award as well.”

Not only does Williams plan to attend Harvard in his near future, he also has big plans set for almost the next ten years of his life.

“When I attend next year I want to pursue something in the life sciences,” Williams said. “Right now I am thinking I want to go into neurology, but that might change when I go to school. Once I graduate undergrad I want to take a year off, and then eventually attend grad school. I plan on getting my PHD and my post doctorate fellowship. After that I think I will be ready for a position in a corporate RED position, and spend my time doing research.”

Not only has made opportunities for himself, but he is a big contributor to his friends, family and his community by sharing his knowledge with others.

“Obviously his many awards show he is a great student and athlete,” senior Natalie North-Cole said. “On top of that I think its important to recognize how much he gives back to the community. He is really involved with boy scouts and also tutors a lot of the kids in our community. He never just focuses on himself and I think that’s what I like about him the most.”

Although he has obtained the major achievement of attending Harvard, Williams believes this is not his biggest accomplishment, but instead his commitment to running.

“I feel that my biggest accomplishment is my success in athletics,” Williams said. “I think its athletics because a lot of the other things I have done like getting into Harvard is based on the mood of the admission officer and its kind of random. As for running when I was a freshman I was really low JV, and at that point I did not have high expectations for athletics. Over the four years I have improved a lot and now I am one of the best and I am really proud of that because it shows my work ethic.”