Riccitelli takes over the ASB director position


Adoley Swaniker

Senior Riccitelli poses for a photo in his Spanish classroom. Riccitelli is very involved on campus; in addition to being the ASB director next year, he will also be the mens varsity soccer coach and the advisor for Spanish Club.

Monique Dufault, A&E Editor

For the upcoming 2015-16 school year, the Carlsbad High student body will experience a change due to the shift in the Associated Student Body director position.

Mrs. Nasser, ASB’s most recent director resigns her position at the end of this year.

“It was about January when Mrs. Nasser announced to the ASB class that she was leaving,” junior and ASB member Natalie Ridpath said. “She told us that she is retiring and moving to Utah, where her family lives, to be with them.”

With the shift in ASB’s adviser, the class will soon go through a slight changes.

“ASB will be going through a transition that I believe is only beneficial to our class and to the school,” junior class president Kyra Badiner said. “Our new director, Mr. Riccitelli, is excited and prepared to have a fun year. He also has a positive attitude and great ideas for the upcoming years. This will be my third ASB director in four years, so I’m open to change and ready to see what will happen. I am not aware at the moment what the ASB program will become, only because Mrs. Nasser is still the director until June 11. Although we will be meeting with Riccitelli before the end of this year, the transition won’t actually occur until after graduation.”

Looking forward to next year, Mr. Riccitelli feels very excited about his new role.

“I am looking forward for the chance to work with and influence the whole student body beyond just the 180 students in my classroom,” Riccitelli said. “I really enjoy the kids, and I am a big fan of everything Carlsbad High School. I think of this as an opportunity to be involved with more than just what I am involved with currently in the classroom– now, I will have a role in almost all student activities in the school. There is definitely a broader scope of the effect I can have on students at CHS.”

With a year full of possibilities ahead, Riccitelli reveals his goals as director.

“It’s not about my plans — it’s more about what the students want to achieve with the year,” Riccitelli said. “My goal is to have a cooperative group of individuals and be able to serve, as an adviser, and to watch them grow as student body leaders.  I also want to watch them to continue to increase the level and spirit of activities here at CHS.”

The way ASB runs depends a great deal on the director and the cooperation of the ASB class.

“The ASB advisor plays a huge role in the class,” Ridpath said. “He or she tells us what we as representatives of the associated student body can do to improve in many aspects. Mrs. Nasser has been spending a lot of time with Señor Riccitelli to prepare him to fully take over for her next year. Riccitelli is already becoming involved by being a part of all the interviews for next years’ ASB applicants.”

In the upcoming 2015-2016 school year, students should feel confident that the ASB program will be left in good hands.

“There will definitely be changes, but only to make the year more enjoyable and awesome,” Badiner said.