Haley Crump: the purrfect student


Marianna Marsden

Haley Crump is a senior at Carlsbad High. She is a Royal Lancer and has been on Lancer Dancers since freshmen year.

Megan Schoen, Features Editor

Captain of Lancer Dancers, Royal Lancer, National Dance Champion, Feline Fanatic; this is Haley Crump.

Out of the 3000 students who roam the Carlsbad High campus, there is only one who fits the criteria for every aspect of this impressive resume. Haley Crump tackles school and life as gracefully as she nails a quadruple pirouette on the dance floor.

“I am a Lancer Dancer and I also dance at Carlsbad Dance Centre,” Crump said. “I also enjoy my math and science classes. I take a bunch of math classes and focus my time on school and dance.”

During her first year on Lancer Dancers as a freshman, Crump earned a first place ranking and a coveted “White Jacket” at the National Dance Team Championship in Orlando, Florida. Now, as a senior, she is the only current team member with this title. Haley works hard to motivate her team and works hard everyday to lead her teammates to success. Her commitment to dance, however, takes up only a substantial portion of her time.

“Different times of the year have different practice hours,” Crump said. “I probably dance like 25 hours a week, but it could be more depending on what time of the year it is. During nationals it can get up to 35 hours a week.”

Although it seems like magic that she can dance this many hours a week and still keep a Royal Lancer-worthy GPA, it can actually be accredited to her impressive organizational skills and unwavering discipline.

“I usually plan out my days ahead of time,” Crump said. “I plan out when I am going to get everything done, so I give myself a certain amount of time for each thing. On the weekends I will purposely do extra work and homework and get everything I need to done because I have less time during the week because of dance.”

It can also, of course, be accredited to the fact she actually enjoys doing homework.

“A fun fact about me is that I enjoy doing homework,” Crump said. ” I don’t know, I think its kind of fun. If I have the time to do it, I really like it.”

This commitment to academics and dance does not go unnoticed by the other members of her team. They admire both her hard work ethic and constant positivity.

“Haley is very responsible and really smart,” junior and Lancer Dancers member Ellie Meck said. “If anyone ever needs help with school she will help them, and she’s a good leader because she is a very positive person. When practices get hard, she keeps the motivation going.”

Another fun fact about Haley?

“She is obsessed with cats,” Meck said.”She has one named Vaughn one named Snow White, and she lives for her cats. She makes them outfits, she does everything for them.”

With big dreams and sights set on the future, Crump is looking forward to going to college and gaining new experiences. Her interests, right in line with her impressive academics, lie in either engineering or pharmaceuticals. Although excited for her future, those who have known Crump at CHS can all agree she will be missed.

“I’ve known her for a really long time and I’ve danced with her for eight years,” Meck said. “It’s going to feel empty and different without her.”