The Hendricks family sticks together


Hannah Kellermeyer

The Hendricks family is currently all at Carlsbad High School. The Hendrick sisters are deciding whether or not to take their father’s class.

Maggie Sweeney, editor in chief

While most students say goodbye to their parents when they go to school, junior Natalie and sophomore Christina Hendricks get to go to school with their dad. Mr. Hendricks, the AP economics teacher at Carlsbad High, fulfills his teaching obligations while managing his parental role throughout the school day.

During school hours, the girls do not see much of each other or their dad because of their busy class schedules. However, they always have the option of spending time together if they need help or support.

“I love having family on campus,” Christina said. “It makes me feel like I always have a place to go in case I need anything or just need someone to talk to.”

Outside of school, Natalie and Christina enjoy their extracurricular activities while their parents cheer them on at the sidelines. Christina plays for the CHS JV water polo team and the JV golf team and her parents help out at every chance they get.

“I love that my family is always supporting me,” Christina said. “It’s also cool that I can leave all my water polo and golf equipment in my dad’s classroom.”

Natalie enjoys her time in CHS’ associated student body. Because of her involvement in the school, she always has someone by her side to help her out and get connections for future school activities.

“It’s nice because teachers know me from my dad,” Natalie said. “I always know what’s going on and if a teacher needs me they can just reach me through my dad.”

The question regarding whether or not Natalie will take their dad’s AP Economics class senior year still stands undecided. The sisters have two different opinions on the subject.

“I haven’t decided if I want to take his class or not.” Natalie said. “I think the actual learning aspect would be okay, but having my dad as my teacher would be a little weird.”

While Natalie still needs to decide, Christina has already made her decision: she plans to make room in her schedule two years ahead of time to ensure a seat in her dad’s class.

“I plan on taking his class senior year, which will be interesting,” Christina said.

Though the Hendricks sisters spend a majority of their time with their dad, they are still thankful to have a close bond throughout their family.

“He is always motivating me.” Christina said. “There’s really no downside to having him on campus.”