Dallin Haslam: the conqueror of high school


Senior Dallin Haslam walks onto the field with his parents on senior night Oct. 30,2014. Along with being involved in band, Haslam participates in lacrosse.

Steven Hughes, Writer

For most, high school is a time of hard work, fun and self-discovery. Unfortunately, many find themselves straining under the stress of balancing recreation, hobbies, school and social time. The time crunch often proves too much for many students, forcing them to cut activities they love from their schedule.

However, some students fight back against this pressure, and choose to pursue their passions despite the additional effort it takes. One of these select few is senior Dallin Haslam, a shining example of scholarly commitment and all-around excellence.

In school, Haslam has never let an opportunity pass him by.

“Junior year, I had a 4.6 GPA,” Haslam said. “It wasn’t easy to take those weighted classes, but it was worth it.”

Maintaining that level of academic achievement could easily take up most of his time, but Dallin chooses to go even further, excelling as a first chair trombone in band and as a long pole defensemen on the Carlsbad Lacrosse team.

“This year, in marching band, we placed first in our division in every competition,” Haslam said. “Along with that, I’ve also been working hard to play varsity-level lacrosse.”

And those are just his commitments in school. He also makes time to enjoy things he loves outside of school, always looking to try things he thinks are fun or interesting.

“I have been teaching myself to play bass guitar this year,” he said. “I play in a little trio group with a couple of guys. Alongside that, I am also putting together a Ska band with friends, so we can write and perform together.”

This may sound like a generic thing to do in high school, but a Ska band is no easy feat to organize.

“Ska is a genre of music typified by punkish style with lots of wind and brass instruments and complex rhythms layered in the music,” Haslam said. “It’s not easy to coordinate all that in a large group.”

Even the attempt to do so would be a feat for most people, but for Haslam, tackling these kinds of challenges is just a way of life.

“I really enjoy learning and progressing in all aspects of my life,” Haslam said. “I push myself as hard as I can in whatever I do. I just enjoy getting out there and doing things hands-on. Nobody should care what anyone thinks about what they do — just make awesome memories and experiences for yourself.”