GSA takes a stand

Steven Hughes, Writer

There are many clubs open to students at Carlsbad High. Their focus ranges from light hobbies, to heavy political and religious ideals. One in particular stands apart from the rest on campus: GSA.

GSA stands for Gay/Straight Alliance, and it is just about everywhere. From the signs in the hallways to posters and refrigerators in classrooms, you can the logos anywhere within the school. The club represents a very unique and personal facet of student life and seek to be as fair as possible.

“GSA’s goal is to create a secure and accepting environment,” said GSA co-president junior Fredrick Galloway. “We hope to make our campus as inclusive as possible.”

As anyone who attends the weekly Wednesday lunch meetings will tell you, the club just does that. With free pizza, and members of all backgrounds and circumstances, there really is something for everyone. And beyond the social aspect, GSA stages various activities for struggling individuals to benefit from. 

“GSA puts on workshops such as ‘Love your Body’ and ‘Know your Rights’ and addresses discrimination and bullying at school,” Galloway said. “We also take surveys to stay up to date with problems that need solving.”

These programs are tailored to support and educate people and are inspired by the GSA officers’ personal experiences.

“I came from a school where people weren’t very accepting and very rude,” Galloway said. “I don’t want anyone to feel the way I did.”

The personal connection and dedication of the officers created a sanctuary for anyone seeking acceptance, and welcomes everyone regardless of race, creed, sexuality or gender.

“By joining our club, you are supporting our movement and making a difference at school and outside school,” Galloway said. “GSA members give input and participate in fun activities and events.”

For most, the only interaction they experience with the club is buying water from the refrigerators of classrooms around campus. CHS students do not know what they are supporting, let alone what their donation goes toward.

“The money from the water sales pays for the pizza and pays for the events we put on,” Galloway said.

GSA’s goal is to represent tolerance and acceptance in our society, and many of us do not always take notice. Whether or not the club itself is for us, we as a student body can still do our part to help and ultimately, help implement an important change in the world today.