Snow falls in Carlsbad


Victoria Smith

For the holiday season Legoland offers Snow Days. Snow Days bring fake now and ice skating to Carlsbad.

Alyssa Slattery, news editor

Hot chocolate-scented air and snow typically are not what people think about when they think of winter in San Diego. Thanks to Legoland’s Snow Days, San Diegans can get the best of both worlds.

From Nov. 22 to Jan. 4, Legoland transitions into a Lego-themed winter wonderland park called Snow Days. Since Nov. 7, workers have been creating man-made snow in order for the park to open up just in time for the holiday season. All kids can participate in tube sledding, snowmen building, snowball fights and ice skating at the park.

“We live in Carlsbad where it obviously doesn’t snow in winter, so for a lot of the kids who come here, it’s their first time being in snow,” junior and Legoland employee Winter Schweibold said.

In Carlsbad it remains around the 70 degrees all year round, so many tourists migrate here during wintertime to escape the snow storms going on everywhere else. Some students at Carlsbad High School serve as lifeguards most of the year but have to be trained in order to work for the special Snow Days season.

“It is a fun experience working at Snow Days because I life-guarded all summer, so it is a nice change,” Schweibold said.

Even though it may look like all fun and games, the snow does melt because Carlsbad isn’t meant for cold, icy weather so it is hard to maintain.

“The snow will melt a little during the day, but we are constantly blowing snow,” Schweibold said.

Hard work and dedication is put into making sure the snow is fresh for visitors all throughout the day.

“People are constantly working on the snow 24/7,” senior and Legoland employee Quinn Picard said. “They have 8 hour shifts from 4p.m.-12a.m. and 12a.m.-8:30a.m.”

To make room for all the events, performances and huge Lego structures including the 30 foot tall Lego Christmas treeLegoland has to reorganize parts of the park.

“They take the fire trucks out of the Fire Academy and put scaffolding up and it’s about a 3 week process,” Picard said.

All the work does pay off in the end when locals and tourists can enjoy the Christmas events Legoland has to offer.

“Students should come or take their siblings because it is really like being in the snow and gets everyone in the holiday spirit,” Schweibold said.

Some may say Legoland is for children, but it is built so all ages can have fun in the snow.

“Even though most of it is meant for little kids, I went on the ice rink and it was pretty sweet,” Picard said.

When looking for cold weather or snow, visit Snow Days in Carlsbad.

“It’s so fun with all the events we have,” Schweibold said. “I don’t know about other people but when I am there I definitely feel the Christmas spirit.”