The future of fashion starts with Yellow House


Senior Lizzy Grove and her business partner Megan Jenkins advertise their swim wear line, Yellow House Bikinis. They began making bikinis in fashion class and have gone as far as too even sell their merchandise at the US Open this summer.

Aspiring fashion designers, Lizzy Grove and Megan Jenkins, have their own Carlsbad home-based bathing suit line: Yellow House Bikinis. The girls started making their bikinis in fashion class here at CHS just last year and have managed to exceed their expectations.

“We were in fashion class together,” CHS graduate Megan Jenkins said. “I had tried making a bikini to see if I could do it; then I brought it into class to show Lizzy, and we decided we should start making our own line.”

The name Yellow House stems from their favorite Carlsbad local surf spot and has become an icon for their company.

“We both grew up surfing, and the surf spot ‘houses’ in Carlsbad has this particular yellow house that seemed to fit our look,” senior Lizzy Grove said. “Its our spot to meet up when we go surfing together too.”

This summer, the two blonde fashionistas went up to Huntington Beach to sell their bathing suits at the US Open.

“We got a lot of feedback from the girls up there,” Jenkins said. “It was cool to see their reactions when they got the bathing suits. Its the most rewarding feeling when people like what you’ve put in so much time into creating.”

While in Huntington beach, Yellow House had the opportunity to finally receive feedback in person, since they are strictly an online business at the moment. They mostly sell to their friends and family, but like to attend events to form more relationships and promote their company to other girls who may like what they make.

“We tried to sell in stores, but as of right now, we decided that’s not where we are trying to go with it, especially because we’re so home-based and both still in school,” Jenkins said.

As of right now, the dynamic duo plan to keep their business as more of a hobby. However, they have big goals for the future as they hope to be featured in the Carlsbad Street Fair. They both hope to pursue their passion as a career one day.

“This experience is extremely rewarding, especially doing is at such a young age because it’s given us insight on what we want to do with this in the future,” Grove said. “I think both of our ultimate goals would be to be our own boss and keep designing and creating.”