Lancer Day promises to be a “very important date”


Hannah Kellermeyer

Sophomore Lexi Mertz, works hard on the sophomore float for Friday’s parade. The parade will be held in the village of Carlsbad Sept 19,2014

School spirit reaches its highest potential around the time of homecoming. With members of ASB working relentlessly to promote homecoming, the spirit becomes infectious. Lancer Day, a celebration of Carlsbad’s success and a preview to the upcoming homecoming festivities, promises to one-up the previous year’s with new ways to spread school spirit.

Generally, students in high school strive to create lasting memories that carry on with them as they progress through life. Lancer Day provides an opportunity to create those memories, giving students the ability to become excited about the community they live in while also allowing them to take part in Carlsbad High’s homecoming festivities. Senior Katie Beyer, the ASB member in charge of all things homecoming, has been putting all of her efforts into assuring the success of Lancer Day.

“We’ve been preparing for all of the homecoming events for almost a year, so we’ve given a lot of time toward this year’s homecoming celebrations,” Beyer said.

Many of the hours spent preparing for homecoming and Lancer Day were focused around finding a versatile theme that could be incorporated into all aspects of homecoming.

“This year’s theme is ‘Alice in Wonderland’, and since we have younger kids from the elementary and middle school participating in Lancer Day, we can show the whimsical side of it during the day and incorporate the darker side during the night of the homecoming dance,” Beyer said.

The idea of using the whimsical side of “Alice in Wonderland” for Lancer Day will be seen during the Lancer Day parade. Each grade designs a float; seniors will have the queen of hearts, juniors will have the mad hatter, sophomores will have the cheshire cat and freshmen will have tweedle dee and tweedle dum.

“I’m most excited for people to see all of the small details we put into the float,” freshman float committee head Michaela Edgin said. “There are hidden things on it where if you’ve seen ‘Alice and Wonderland’ you’ll understand the references”.

In addition to Lancer Day, students, faculty members and members of the community can also look forward to the Homecoming assembly.

“We’re crowning the king and queen by using the scene where Alice paints the roses red,” Beyer said. “The kings will have a box and the girl who receives the box with the red rose will be the homecoming queen, and the princesses will have a white rose in their box”.

The agenda of this year’s “Alice in Wonderland” themed Lancer Day is jam-packed and full of promise. Whether you are a freshman looking to become more acquainted with Carlsbad High School, or a senior looking to make withstanding memories of the final year, Lancer Day will accommodate all.

“We’re anticipating more spirit and participation,” Beyer said. “We can all look forward to getting out early, attending the assembly for the homecoming king and queen crowning and then watching the parade later in the day”.