Keeli Sohaei rides her way to success


Junior Keeli Sohaei is jumping with her horse. She spends countless hours throughout the week working with her horse to prefect certain tricks. (photo courtesy of Keeli Sohaei)

Taking six difficult classes is hard enough for any student and adding numerous extra curricular activities makes that even harder. However, one girl does not see it that way but looks for more to do.

“I just love the feeling when I go over a big jump, or when my horse and I have a successful lesson,” junior Keeli Sohaei said.

Keeli takes lessons after school and gets up early in morning to go on trail rides before school.

“I have been riding horses since I was very young, and from the very beginning, I knew I was going to stick with it for the rest of my life,” Sohaei said. “Like any other athlete, I get frustrated with my sport, but the very next day, I’m out there riding again.”

Balancing riding and schoolwork does become difficult at times, but Sohaei always perseveres through any stress she has.

“Some times balancing school work, SAT prep courses and riding can get difficult, but I try my best to work hard on everything and give an equal effort to each of my responsibilities,” Sohaei said.

Also just like any other athlete, Keeli has to get new equipment every once and a while. However, buying a new baseball bat is much easier than purchasing a new horse.

“My trainer recently went to Idaho to find me a new horse so that I can show it and compete with it at the Del Mar fair,” Sohaei said. “Selling my horse is not an easy thing to do because I have spent years practicing and training with him. We have such a close bond, but like any other sport, I have to use the best equipment so that I can be successful.”

Sohaei knows what is best for her career, despite how difficult it is to say goodbye to the horse that has been with her for such a long time.  However, she is excited to start training with her new horse. Also, Sohaei plans to continue practicing and pursuing her dreams of riding in the future.

“I plan on continuing to pursue my love for horse back riding throughout her senior year and on into college,” Sohaei said. “I have been looking at Williams Wood University because they have the academics I am looking for and horse back riding. I cannot wait to continue my passion in the near and far future.”