Kistler and students plan to visit Costa Rica


Leilani Bowman

Mr. Kistler, a CHS chemistry teacher, plans to take several students to Costa Rica next year. He hopes to provide an educational experience for those who attend.

Over the last decade U.S citizens, including schools, have been criticized for their lack of overseas traveling.  Activities like field trips sponsored by the school and education in general provide students exposure towards certain subject matters beyond the basic school courses. Unfortunately, these trips have been cut back or all together non existent.  However, this is about to change. After Mr. Greene’s successful trip to Europe, other teachers are also trying to take trips to countries abroad in order to introduce students to different cultures with the guarantee of entertainment and education.

Next year, chemistry teacher Mr. Kistler plans to take students with him to Costa Rica. Located in Central America, Costa Rica is a prime example of both an educational and tourist destination.  Costa Rica has a rich historical past which dates back to the medieval times. Not only that, but Costa Rica also has many unique activities to do.

“We will learn indigenous dances  from the locals, hike the lava fields of a volcano and try some of their extravagant cuisine,” the trip’s program leader Mr. Kistler said.

Additionally, the trip will include activities like river rafting, zip lining on the forest canopy and frog and bat studying.

“I think it is extremely beneficial for students to go to trips abroad,” junior Gabriela Chung said. “Students get a lot of educational and visual experience and if everything is put together, it is going to be great.”

With the United States being one of the few countries lacking in international travel for educational purposes and life experience, it is up to the teachers and students to pursue them.

“If such trips have good foundations and are organized, students can get a lot of  knowledge outside their classroom through interacting with different environments,”  Chung said.

Thanks to the World Strides Student Travel Program, the organization of the trip has been going well.

“We are looking at 30 or 20 students that are joining us to Costa Rica,” Mr. Kistler said. “We are going to be in a tour group, so we will have a schedule to follow.”

Financially, the fun comes with a pricey tag; at the moment, the price for students is $2,749 . For adults, the trip price is $3,011.  Regardless of the cost of the trip, students and adults can expect a worthwhile experience. For those of you interested in this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, visit Mr. Kistler’s room, number 2009, for more information.