Theo Vance is beacon of cool


Jessica Streich

Junior Theo Vance rehearses for his upcoming role in the play “On the Razzle”. This is his second show at CHS despite his lack of theatrical background.

Assistant homecoming chair, volunteer coordinator for the homecoming parade, past volleyball and football player: roles junior Theo Vance plays at school. Known to the ancient Cherokee as Kanati, his great success with women is quite known.

But this article isn’t about the casanova Vance, nay, not even the acutely organized yet simultaneousy hot and sweaty mess that has been known to bring referees to their knees in reverence towards his chiselled glutes and finly tuned physical execution. No, this is not the story of his third Nobel Prize for the “Serum of Happiness” (interestingly enough derived from the very DNA coursing through his steely veins) or his new autobiography titled “Of Grace and Virtue”.

This is the story of a new Vance, less renown to the public. So if you’re sitting you might as well stand up because this will spark some activity in that ole’ adrenal gland of yours.

“It’s fun being Christopher,” Vance said. “I haven’t had an actual lead role like this before.”

If you haven’t read it in the New York Times yet, listen up. Vance has been casted to play the honorable role of Christopher in the coming fall play On The Razzle. What’s so great about this? The latest and most in depth theatre training Theo has recieved was freshman year in Mrs. Hall’s Theatre  one class.

“I’ve liked theatre since middle school,” Vance said. “People wouldn’t expect me to do it but you know, haters gonna hate.”

After playing a minor role in last fall’s play, Almost Maine, Vance recieved some criticism from his friends. Similar to the torn emotion experienced by Troy Bolton, minus the confusion and susceptibility to peer pressure, he overcame the adversity and turned his friends opinions.

“Yeah they gave me crap for being in a play, but they came to the show and actually liked it,” Vance said. “now they think it’s cool.”

The year is 2013 now, and the long awaited debut performance of  Vance is inching closer. As incomprehensible as it is, time does not stop even for a protege star like Vance. Vance The Lance, the striking force of CHS.

Come out to see the resilient Vance in On The Razzle Nov. 14, 15, and 16 at 7pm. For a mere 15 dollars you will be treated to wonderful performance put on by a whole cast of performers akin to Vance.