Top five cheap restaurants to go during lunch

 Top five cheap restaurants to go during lunch

Mexico Viejo ranks as a favorite lunch spot to Carlsbad High School students.

Linea Stern, Staff Writer

With the economy going downhill, getting a good meal at a fast food restaurant can cost up to $10. With all of the construction going on around campus, going out to lunch has become even more popular. Many students find it difficult to eat at a good fast food restaurant that does not cost a fortune. However a few restaurants still offer quality food with good prices.

1. Knockout Burger: Knockout burger offers an amazing deal, if you pre-order you food you get a dollar off your meal. During lunch you do not have to wait for your food and you will get a discount. Ordering beforehand will allow students to have plenty of time to make it back to class on time.

“I hate waiting for my food during lunch and I get super stressed wondering if I will make it back on time,” senior Lacy Gray said. ” Knockout burger solves all my problems.”

2. Submarina: A typical meal in a fast food restaurant has over 2000 calories; however, Submarina has sandwiches under 500 calories. Try the healthy side of fast food and go to Submarina with discounts for Carlsbad students.  Carlsbad students get a free drink with every meal.

“I love getting a free drink with my meal,” senior Hayden Webb said. ” The food is so great and the drink is an added bonus.”

3. Subway: For only $5 anyone can get a huge footlong sandwich. The menu has many healthy sandwiches such as black forest ham on whole wheat bread or chicken teriyaki. The meat and the protein in the sandwiches will leave students satisfied.

“I like getting a $5 footlong at subway because it tastes good,” senior Noemi Vasquez said. ” I really like it because I eat half of it for lunch and half of it for later. It is like having two meals.”

4. Knockout Pizza: For only $5 any Carlsbad High student can get two large slices of pizza and a soda. For healthy conscience students knockout offers one slice of pizza, a small salad and a soda for five dollars.

” Knockout pizza is a very cheap place to go eat,” junior Derek Doszkocs said. ” I always feel very content after I eat knockout.”

5. Mexico Viejo: Most fast food restaurants foods have no protein and leave customers starving within an hour after eating. Burritos in Mexican restaurants are filled with protein such as beans and meat. For less than $5 anyone can buy a huge burrito that will fill you up.

“Mexico Viejo is my favorite restaurant to go to during lunch because I love burritos,” Webb said. ” I always leave feeling satisfied.”

Going out to lunch everyday adds up and leaves students with no  money. If students keep a budget and go to cheap restaurants and find good deals they will save tons of money.