How to stick with New Year’s resolutions throughout the year.

Linea Stern, Staff Writer

When the New Year begins many people eagerly make a list of New Year’s resolutions to accomplish throughout the year. However, many people usually forget about their goals in a couple of weeks and fail to accomplish them. Follow these guidelines to help make life changes for the new year.

First, write down all your goals on a piece of paper or a sticky note and tape them near your bed. Also make a pro list citing all of the benefits of accomplishing your goal. Then, every morning, read the goals and the pro and con list to remind yourself what to accomplish that day. This way the resolutions will constantly be in your mind.

Picture yourself after completing the resolutions. Put pictures up of people who you want to end up like as the end result. For example, if one of your goals is to eat healthier, put a picture up of someone with a very healthy body and an obese person. This will help visualize the positive results of eating healthier and the results of not eating healthier.

Find a friend or a family member with similar goals and work on the goals together. This will make accomplishing a New Year’s resolutions more fun and motivating.

“For four years my family and I have not been eating fast food,” Sophomore Jack Lewis said. “This has impacted us all in a positive way and improved out health.”

Making life changes and trying new things will seem very tough and difficult at first. Experts say it takes about twenty-one days to adjust to new activity. Just stick with it for a few weeks and the new goals will begin to seem like a daily habit.

“Not eating fast food seems daily in my life since I haven’t been eating it for a long time,” Lewis said. “Now every year my New Years resolution is to improve my health by continuing not to eat fast food.”

Overall, New Year’s resolutions gives the opportunity for people to make life changes that will impact their lives forever.

“I make different New Year’s resolutions every year,” Lewis said. “Most of my resolutions have impacted my life.”