Simple Ways to Prevent Stress

Andrea Abbott, staff writer

With finals coming up for freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and graduation for seniors, the end of the school year can cause many students to feel stressed. Although stress may help students focus on important priorities, it can also lead to anxiety when feeling overloaded.

Fortunately, some students found ways to make it easier to get through the end of the year. From different exercises to studying techniques, many methods seem to help with school work and doing well on tests.

Studies show that people who exercise regularly have more self-confidence  and are less likely to develop symptoms associated with mild depression and anxiety.

Sports teams and physical activities help motivate students to do well in school by making them focus on something other than school work.

“I go to the gym [and] it makes you forget about all the stress,” Sophomore Maryam Sayed said.

Along with physical activities, sleep affects students and their school life. The recommended hours of sleep everyone should get each night is around eight hours. However, at least half of CHS  does not get the recommended hours of sleep. This problem occurs for various reasons, and affects them negatively.

“I get like five hours of sleep because of [too many] sports,” Sophomore Breanna Jeminson said. “It makes me more tired because the teachers pile on homework.”

When obstacles like sleep get in the way, it is important to find good ways to study in the time given. Different methods and techniques will help students study and memorize information quicker and more efficiently.

“Reading the material [over] helps,” Sophomore Jessica Zheng said. “Outlines help, too.”

Trying out different ways to study can benefit students in so many ways. Some to consider include: flashcards, taking notes, practice tests, calling a friend or asking a family member to help.

Most students use one method to study for an upcoming quiz or test, but by using at least two or three other methods, it will improve knowledge dramatically.