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  • CIF Cheer Championships 1/20

  • Finals Week 1/23-1/25

  • Semester Break 1/26

  • 9th Annual Home Run Derby 1/20

  • Great Kindness Challenge 2/6

Tosh Everett, 11
Tosh Everett, throughout his life he has always been interested in photography weather it is through a 10$ disposable film camera or a very expensive DSLR, it all is interesting to him.  He has always had a passion for videoing his friends in his daily activities like surfing and skating, and it was a cool way to relive those random fun moments for him. He tries to diversify his photography from others and give it a deeper meaning than just a photo. He took photography to practice his passion and it is also an A-G requirement, unlike ASB.

Tosh Everett, staff photographer

Feb 06, 2018
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