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  • CHS college and career fair 10/17

  • Winter Sports Physicals Offered 11/1

  • Middle School Speech and Debate workshop at CHS 10/9-11/13

  • Homecoming football game 10/20 at 7p.m.

  • Community Service Opportunity - Kelly Elementary 10/21

Maddie Ward, 10
Maddie Ward is a sophomore and second year member of The Lancer Link. This year Maddie looks forward to editing the photography and multimedia sections along with producing videos for CHSTV. In her free time, Maddie enjoys collecting 70s records, binging on Netflix, playing the guitar, singing and watching La La Land. During this year, Maddie hopes to develop her videography and photography skills through working with her sections and to succeed academically so she can achieve her goal of going to college in New York City.

Maddie Ward, multimedia editor

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