BRIEF: Making a difference on and off the field


Coaches Taylor Keller (back middle) and Coe Wright (back right) pose with the team after a Friday night game. Photo from Taylor Keller.

For two sophomores, a small idea turned into an opportunity to make a difference in the community. On Friday nights, Taylor Keller and Cole Wright choose to dedicate their time to coaching a first and second grade flag football team at Poinsettia Park.

On top of the games on Friday, they manage to have Thursday night practices as well. Although it may seem like a lot of work, the coaches have been loving every minute of it.

“We have so much fun teaching the kids, as they love playing football, and I love being able to coach them,” Keller said.

Considering that they are only in high school, they are definitely the youngest duo of coaches and often get surprised and confused looks from other coaches. Keller and Wright stay unwavered as they have full confidence in their team and their coaching abilities.

“I may be a little young to be coaching a team, but it has been a really good learning experience for Taylor and I,” Wright said.

Along with the kids, the parents have loved what they’ve seen from the coaches. Several parents have thanked them for the job they’ve done. One parent sent a short email to Keller:

“JR is having a great time and loves you guys,” Mrs. Moffatt said. “Great job and thank you so much.”

At the moment, the team has a record of 5-6, but with Keller’s and Wright’s leadership, they go into each game with confidence. They focus on teaching the kids that despite their record, the right mindset and effort will help them win games in the future. As a result, Wright sees that the first and second graders apply great teamwork during each of their games.

“The kids really give it their all, and no matter the score, they are always uplifting and support each other,” Wright said.