by Rubie Riddle

Sophomore Max Rasul takes a leap to catch the last balling in the 6th inning.

Students commit to their passion for baseball

April 20, 2018

 In schools around the world, and more specifically in Carlsbad, it is the time of year when baseball season starts. Our team has begun a regular schedule of practicing after school every day for games throughout the weeks and weekends. With playing baseball comes a constant commitment and management for the balance between school work and practicing.

“Practice is usually a couple hours after school, and we are able to stay after and get extra work in,” sophomore Max Rasul said. “It is definitely a challenge to juggle; at nights I will go to bed around 1 a.m. [after homework] but it’s worth having the grades so I can play [baseball].”

Not only does the team have daily practices to commit to, but they also leave early on school days from their last period to travel to away games, thus, missing critical class time. With the stress and extra work baseball commitment brings, the teammates talk about how their love for the game makes everything worthwhile.

“Baseball comes with failure but if you’re willing to put in lots of effort the rewards are huge,” sophomore Jake Mayall said. “My favorite aspect to baseball is the atmosphere of this legendary game. It’s unique and has this different feel that I could be around 24/7.” 

My favorite aspect to baseball is the atmosphere of this legendary game. It’s unique and has this different feel that I could be around 24/7.

— Jake Mayall

The players have a strong passion for the game and state they will continue to play throughout their high school career. While continuing baseball through high school, the team plans to pursue the sport into college and everyday careers.

“I play baseball because it just gets my mind off things and is what I want to pursue a career in,” Rasul said. “It is basically my happy place. My favorite part of baseball is the team all getting along during wins and loses.” 

With practices after school, games on the weekends and seeing each other throughout the school day, the team spends countless hours together. This contributes to the team’s overall performance on the field and their bond with the players and their coaches. Coaches who have a bond with their players outside of the sport they play are statistically proven to benefit the overall environment of the team.

Both my coaches, Eli and Pete, have a big effect on me because Coach Eli just graduated from Carlsbad in 2015 and really cares to help get me to the next level,” Rasul said. “He is as determined as I am so he’s a great mentor. The coaches influence me by pushing me and not sugar coating anything. It’s straightforward and tough, but it’s how we improve.” 

This positive environment that has been created for our baseball team allows for students to express their passion and commit to something that they find rewarding.  The devotion our baseball players have for every aspect of baseball has helped them achieve a long-lasting love for the sport.

“I fell so in love with baseball,” sophomore Justin Larimer said. “I have never left; it is the only sport I have ever played and the only one I intend to play.”

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