This year’s Super Bowl brings excitement to Carlsbad

Students react to the outcomes of the Super Bowl vs their predictions.


Rubie Riddle, staff photographer

In this year’s Super Bowl between the Philadelphia Eagles and New England Patriots, the underdogs of the game came out with the victory. Despite the majority of fans expecting the Patriots to win, the Eagles took home the Super Bowl title in Minneapolis with a score of 41-33.

Students were on the edge of their seats from the start to the end of the game because of their team pride and their want to take the 2018 title.

“I watched the Super Bowl and was really happy about the outcome,” sophomore Gabriela Fernandez-Silva said. “I was personally rooting for the Eagles to win.”

Although the Patriots were predicted to win by many, the Eagles came out on top by using their strengths to their advantage and putting their all into this game.

“I thought they were going to win because the Eagles have the best offensive line in the NFL, and the Patriots’ front seven is among the least talented groups they’ll face all season,” freshman Angle Tello said. “I see this as a major mismatch in the Eagles’ favor, as the offensive line should continue to provide daylight for the running backs. I was still stunned that the Eagles won the Super Bowl because Tom Brady threw amazing passes throughout the season but failed when the Patriots needed him most.”

The majority of students felt the Patriots would win due to their past participation in the Super Bowl. Publicly, the Patriots are known amongst the football community for holding a strong line and their tremendous comebacks.

They always pull it together no matter what,” freshman Aquila Ewald said. “They are also known for their second half comebacks.”

For everyone who watched the football game, whether they favored the Eagles or not, fun was had all day as families and friends gathered together.

“I celebrated and watched the game with my friends and family at a party where we ate food– a lot of it,” junior Connor MacGray said.

“I celebrated and watched the game with my friends and family at a party where we ate food– a lot of it

— Connor Macgray

Unlike fans who dedicated their entire day to the Super Bowl, some people wanted the Eagles to win solely on their desire for the “long shot” team to pull through with the victory. They were seen as the less likely team to take home the title, since the Patriots have previously won the Super bowl five times, and the last time the Eagles won a championship game was in 1960– prior to the creation of the Super Bowl. 

I don’t watch football that much, but I like a good underdog story, [and] therefore was happy about the Eagles victory,” senior Dustin Asalone said. 

Although many Patriots fans were disappointed in the team’s performance, the true fans have a bright future in mind for the team and their comeback in the 2019 Super Bowl.

“My predictions of the Patriots winning next year’s Super Bowl is 100% because this years Super Bowl tested the Patriots’ skills,” Tello said. “Even though they did not do well, they know what they need to work on, and next year, when a new season starts, we will be ready and we will win next year’s Super Bowl.”