A sport that computes for class credit: Surf PE


Surf PE is a unique sport where sophomores and upperclassmen travel to the beach every other day to surf as a part of our school’s physical education curriculum. This particular sport requires access to transportation, gas and parent release forms, especially for underclassmen.

“I drive myself and my friends to and from the beach on odd school days and they reimburse me with gas money,” sophomore Garrett Glessner said.

Along with the dedication to conveyance comes the price of it. These neophytes are so diligent to this class that they are willing to conform to any school regulations to take part in it. In addition to financial obligations, the conditions for this outside sport are not always ideal.

“My least favorite part of surf PE are those flat days that carry no waves, but we’re still obligated to attempt,” sophomore Grant Brownell said.

Despite the nonexemplary state of the ocean waves, the students are regardless compelled to proceed on with class and catch anything in sight. With this class comes the responsibility of time management and setting priorities.

“We have about 30 minutes to drive down to the beach and change, then it’s time to hit the waves,” Glessner said.

With only 30 minutes to drive through Pacific Coast Highway traffic, change twice and unload all their gear, the students find it difficult to manage and avoid tardiness. Among this toil aspires the actual grading process and validation of the students’ work ethics.

“We are graded based on participation, so were constantly surfing for the entire class,” Brownell said.

The surf students work consistently throughout their class period to ensure a passing grade average. Although a PE class, an A grade does not come as easily as one might be led to believe. The Surf PE coach, Coach Denny Cooper, describes teaching and impacting students lives. He explains that his main objective in teaching Surf PE is to give the students the tools and motivation to incorporate the sport into their everyday routine and have it prosper in their lives as long as possible.

“My goal in teaching this sport is to provide a chance for kids to surf and improve their skills in surfing and in the water,” Coach Cooper said. “When we started surf PE 27 years ago, surfers did not have a class and were dropping out of school. This grants an entire group of students a class that keeps them involved.”

While these are Coach Cooper’s concerns, he has still managed to provide participants in this class with a strong sense of involvement. Experiencing surf PE has encouraged the students to make everlasting commitments to surfing.

“I plan to re-select surf PE as one of my classes junior year and surf throughout my life as much as possible,” Glessner said.

When we started surf PE 27 years ago, surfers did not have a class and were dropping out of school. This grants an entire group of students a class that keeps them involved

— Coach Denny

Coach Cooper’s purpose translated over to his novices where they developed a deep passion and admiration for the sport. And with this love for surfing, these students have the opportunity to integrate this endearment into their regular school life.

“I enjoy surf PE because I love surfing, and if I get to incorporate my passion into the mandatory courses then that’s pretty amazing,” Brownell said.