Lancers react to the World Series


Catherine Allen, Editor-in-Chief

On Wednesday, Nov. 1st, the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Houston Astros played their last World Series game at Dodger Stadium. With the Astros becoming the World Series champions of 2017, defeating the Dodgers 4-3, many lancers have expressed their opinions on the series.

“My favorite part of the series was watching the very evenly matched teams play very close, exciting games,” freshman Max Clark said.

Overall, 51.6% of students were rooting for the Astros, and 48.4% wanted the Dodgers to win the series. Most of the reasoning behind this is found by close examination of each team.

“[The Astros] were much stronger and [were] asserting dominance from the beginning,” freshman Ethan Lambert said.

A few of the Astros’ hitters were already familiar with L.A. Dodgers pitcher Yu Darvish, as they have played against Darvish during the regular season. Some believe the Astros’ lineup played a significant part in their victory.

“[The Astros were] going to win because over the past few years they have accumulated one of greatest hitting teams in the league,” Clark said.

Springer even gave the Astros a two-run home run against Darvish in game 7, and those rooting for the Dodgers noticed the effect Darvish had on the game’s result.

“I was at game 7 and Darvish let Dodgers fan[s] down,” junior Austin Macdonald-Shedd said.

Students were also in support of Houston for reasons that went beyond these technicalities. Although Hurricane Harvey officially ended Sept. 3rd, Texans are still recovering from the natural disaster. Making it to the World Series and going on to win the series overall ended up meaning even more to the Astros and their fans than it normally would. Multiple students took this into account when they saw the result of the series.

[I am] happy for the city of Houston for winning a World Series after the devastation of Hurricane Harvey.”

— Patrick Schaller

“[I am] happy for the city of Houston for winning a World Series after the devastation of Hurricane Harvey,” junior Patrick Schaller said.

Despite the mixed opinions about the World Series result, the two teams provided an exciting experience for all viewers. This was evident in game 5, the second longest World Series game in history, where the Astros won 13-12.

“Game 5 was one of the most memorable games in baseball history, with what seemed like hundreds of lead changes throughout it,” junior Dane Lee said.

The 2017 series has not only made its mark on baseball history but also has impacted students individually. Being as eventful as the 2017 World Series was, it seemed to have been an overall success with its entertainment.

“I enjoyed watching the game with my family, especially when there would be extra innings,” senior Logan Welsh said. “We always had something to talk about regarding the game, and the whole experience brought us together.”