Coach Manny inspires flight


Jazmin Treadway

Coach Manny congratulates senior Sam Schneider as she finishes the 4X400 relay race at Sage Creek

Jazmin Treadway, Staff Writer

Carlsbad is widely known for its athletic programs. Our athletes would not stand out as much compared to other schools without the help and encouragement from the coaches. Although Coach Manny has only been here for three years now, he has touched many hearts with his upbeat attitude and dedication to each individual he coaches.

Most students wouldn’t believe that Coach Manny has only been here for three years because of all the people he has helped and what a huge contribution he is to the Carlsbad community.

“The coaches are great. I love coach Manny. He is very sweet and very encouraging. Even when we scratch in Long Jump, he tells us to keep going and is very nice,” senior Marianna Garcia Jimenez said.

Coach Manny has been an athlete since his days on track and field at Oceanside High School to his days of coaching his son’s little league games. However, Manny takes his leadership and love for students further than coaching. He is also a campus supervisor and helps to keep students safe during school hours.

“I am a substitute campus supervisor. So I participate in making sure the students don’t jump us supervisors and don’t beat us up. No, I’m joking. We just make sure the students are safe and that unnecessary outsiders come on school grounds,” Coach Manny said.

Coach Manny’s fun sense of humor adds another reason why so many students at CHS love the great energy he brings. It’s very easy for students to talk to him and enjoy the time they get with him on and off the field and around school.

“Coach Manny has helped me to take sports seriously, but at the same time to take things light hearted and not take things to the point where I feel down about myself because of a performance. He has also taught me a lot the fundamentals of jumping. But I feel, without him and his encouragement, I would not be the athlete I am today,” senior Stephen Roncone said.


Coach Manny will forever be a huge part of the Carlsbad community leaving behind many great lessons to learn from.

“No matter what, persevere through any obstacle you are presented with, any delay of your progress, to work through injuries, listen to the trainer, keep a positive attitude, be confidence and use that positive attitude to help heal yourself and to work through the difficulties you have while training,” Coach Manny said.