Girls lacrosse come back with another win

After the first half, Lancers hurdle before taking the field with a chant from co-captain senior, Mackenzie Frost.

Jazmin Treadway, Staff Writer

On March 9., Carlsbad varsity lacrosse traveled a short distance to Bressi Ranch and played a long and well earned win against Pacific Ridge School. The Lancers kept the spirit alive by encouraging the players on the field as well as during their half time.

“We had to come straight from school for the game, so trying to keep each other pumped up during the day to get ready for the game was really helpful and it was easy to transition the energy from school to the game,” senior Mackenzie Frost said.

Seniors Mackenzie Frost, Maggie Sweeney and Rylee Skachenko played while also being the supportive co-captains for their final season of high school lacrosse. All three girls plan on playing lacrosse in college and have already committed. Although their future of lacrosse is set, they plan to make their final year at CHS one to remember.

“It is such a great experience to be co-captain with my best friends. We can talk about lacrosse during practices and the games, but also we can talk about it when we are in everyday kind of situations. I love both Rylee and Maggie and it’s been a great senior year with them so far and I’m looking forward to continuing that,” Frost said.

In the first half of the game, Lancers gave it their all as they ran back and forth on the field. Goalie, senior Megan Cowles, made a save in the last two seconds of the first half keeping the Lancers in the lead with a score of 7-3.

“Coming into practice with a lot of energy will help us when we practice like we play and play like we practice. We will have a lot of energy in the games and it will be easy for everyone to feed off of the positivity,” Frost said. 

The second half started off with Carlsbad having possession of the ball. The girls did not hesitate to go straight to the goal and with just a few minutes into the second half, Lancers scored.

 Sweeney made an assist to Frost who darted around a defender toward the goal in order to receive a “feed pass” where the Lancers scored, keeping Lancers in the lead 11-5. 

Lancers were ahead the entire game and they worked extremely hard to keep up the good spirits and teamwork throughout the whole game. Everyone on the team helped bring the lancers another victory in their league games. Final score 14-9 Lancers.

“Lacrosse is super fun and you should try out next year,” said Frost.