Shooting for a good season


David Schreibman

Senior Stone Stapleton shoots free throws at the first home basketball game of the year on November 30th. The Loud Crowd showed its support throughout the night with a USA theme.

Madelyn Waumans, staff writer

As winter approaches, the start of a new basketball season comes along and brings  a new head coach to make this season a year the seniors will never forget. Coach Sam Eshelman has a vast history, previously coaching basketball for Army Navy Academy and Sage Creek High School.

The players were not completely sure what to expect with a new coach. With his previous experience, he brought a new aspect to the team. The boys have as well noticed an increased amount of team chemistry.

“I dig the coach, he is very experienced,” senior Zane Emery said. “Things are a lot more serious now. He has built the program more by bringing all age levels together”

With a new coach and atmosphere in the gym, the boys look forward to a better season. Last year, the boys ended the season with a 5-25 record. 

“We definitely look a lot better than last year. Overall it’s been a way better environment,” senior Stone Stapleton said.

The boys hope to achieve their goals this season by preparing hard during the off season. They have been practicing everyday as well as weightlifting and participating in beach workouts. The boys do hard sprints and exercises in the sand in order to help improve their quickness on the court. 

“We are extra motivated to take out Sage Creek this year,” Emery said.

With so many familiar Carlsbad faces on the rival team, Sage Creek, Emery hopes to win and make his last year memorable.The boys have a long road ahead of them and a lot of hard work to put into this new year in order to prepare for there games coming up. The team is excited to start off the season, for many of them it is their last rival game.

“I have so many friends from club basketball on the Sage Creek team so a win is super important,” Emery said.

Last year, the boys went 1-1 with Sage creek to finish out the year. For the seniors, senior night will be against Sage Creek, making the game even more important. 

“I am most excited about senior night,” Stapleton said.

As Stapleton’s  final years of CHS are wrapping up, he is most looking forward to everyone coming out to senior night. A four year member of CHS basketball, this season is more important than any other to Stapleton. As motivation, the team hopes for a good crowd to support them.

“Loud crowd was good last year, but we can do better. If we got a little more intensity that would be cool,” Emery said.