Conner Hanan, 11

Nichelle Fene, Staff Writer

Conner Hanan is a dedicated student and athlete on the boys’ water polo team. He reflects on a good season with his new and young team. We asked him a few questions to get an inside look:

Lancer Link: How long have you been playing and how did you get into water polo?

Conner Hanan: I’ve been playing for 5 years since 6th Grade and I got into it because a lot of my friends were playing.

LL: Have you ever played any other sport and how did you managed playing multiple sports?

CH: I’ve also played basketball and I stopped playing basketball once I got into high school.

LL: Who or what is your big inspiration?

CH: I would say Mr. Feaster is because he’s been coaching for so long and he knows so much about the game.

LL: Who are you most proud of?

CH: I am most proud of our team this year because we haven’t really played together before, so it’s great joining together and making a new team this year.

LL: If you could play another sport, which one would you want to play on?

CH: I would want to play Team Handball because it seems like a lot of fun.