Freshman gets bumped up to varsity team


Genevieve Walker

Freshman Mackenzie Karnig spikes the ball expanding the teams lead. On Tuesday Sep 14, the varsity girls volleyball team played the Del Norte Nighthawks.

Lauren Henry, Staff Writer

In high school, most players look forward to making the varsity team of their sport. Freshman Mackenzie Karnig has made her way to the top earlier than most, and hopes to improve her talent through the next four years.

Lancer Link: How long have you been playing volleyball?

Mackenzie Karnig: I have been playing since I was ten.

LL: What do you like about playing volleyball?

ML: I love the competitive feeling on the court.

LL: What have you done to be on the varsity team?

MK: I’ve practiced a lot and dedicated a lot of time.

LL:How did you feel making varsity?

MK: I was really excited to be the only freshman.

LL: What club did/do you play for?

MK: I play for Coast Volleyball Club.

LL: What is your favorite position?

MK: My favorite position is outside hitting.

LL: Have you been approached by any colleges yet?

ML: Yes I have already been approached by some colleges on both the west and east coast.

LL: Do you want to play in college?

MK: I really want to play volleyball in college.

LL: Is volleyball the only sport you’ve played?

MK: I’ve played soccer before, but it is the only serious sport I have played.

LL: Is the relationship any different between your teammates because you are a freshman?

MK: No they treat me just the same as they would an upperclassmen.