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Featured Athlete: Ricardo Campos

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Featured Athlete: Ricardo Campos

Brendan Carroll, Staff Writer

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Ricardo Campos is a dominating senior playing for varsity tennis. His tenacity and passion for the sport will lead him to a bright future.

Lancer Link: How did you get into playing tennis?

Ricardo Campos: Well, my dad used to play a lot of tennis, so I grew interested in it and started to pick up on it.

LL: How long have you been playing?

RC: I started playing my sophomore year, so about three years now.

LL: How many years have you been on varsity tennis?

RC: One year now.

LL: Did you make CIF last season?

RC: Yes, but I twisted my ankle in the first round, so I was unable to make the rest.

LL: What has been your favorite memory from playing tennis?

RC: Getting on and playing for the varsity team, that was pretty cool.

LL: Are you friends with your teammates off the court?

RC: Yeah, we are all pretty close, we like to hang out and eat In-N-Out.

LL: What does the tennis team do to get in shape and ready for the season?

RC: We have to run on the sand a lot, run hills, lots of lateral movements, some weight lifting, core strength, calf workouts. We do a lot of leg training, they are pretty important.

LL: What is the best lesson who have learned from tennis?

RC: Don’t show your anger to your opponent. And don’t break your racquets.

LL: Is tennis also a big mind-game?

RC: Yeah, it definitely has a huge aspect on it because no matter how good you are, if your mind is not set on what you want to do, you are not going to win.

LL: Do you have any pre-game rituals?

RC: Yes, I listen to my conquer playlist on Spotify and get in the zone.

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Maddie Bowman, Photography Editor

Maddie is a senior at Carlsbad High School and this is her second year as a photographer and first year as the photography editor for The Lancer Link...

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Featured Athlete: Ricardo Campos