Caitlin McCarthy scores a spot at UCSD


Photo Courtesy to Tina Ward

Lauren Henry, Staff Writer

Junior Caitlin McCarthy, a multitalented student, has proven her strengths in her soccer career and academics and recently committed to UC San Diego. To McCarthy, soccer doesn’t just provide a way for her to get in shape, but creates a unique lifestyle.

“I’ve played soccer for the last 13 years,” McCarthy said. “When I was younger, my dad put me in soccer just to take up time and to keep me in shape. As I played, it grew on me with the many friends I made and the opportunities it gave me.”

As an avid soccer player, McCarthy enjoys the opportunities available because of her elite position.

“I play center midfield position for the competitive soccer Carlsbad Elite top team,” McCarthy said. “For my competitive team, we travel to different tournaments with some out of state.”

Soccer remains a competitive sport because of the amount of people who play, but McCarthy has used her talent to its highest advantage.

“I recently committed to UCSD for soccer, so I’m very happy about that,” McCarthy said. “At UCSD, I’m looking forward to playing with all the other girls there and the great coaches, they are all really nice, welcoming people.”

McCarthy’s hard work and persistence helped her land a commitment to her top college.

“To get noticed by UCSD, I emailed them a lot and they would come to some of my games for the recruiting process,” McCarthy said. “I also went to their week long ID camp, so they would notice me. The school also is very good academically, I’m hoping to study biochemistry or the neurosciences.”

McCarthy organized a way to juggle her social, academic and athletic life.

“At the moment I have a 4.3 GPA,” McCarthy said. “It’s really hard to balance the school work with soccer. When I’m not doing soccer, I’m always studying. On the weekends, I make time for my social life.”

The competitive nature of McCarthy fuels the passion and love she has for soccer.

“I really love the feeling of winning and knowing that my team worked so hard to deserve the win,” McCarthy said. “It makes it even better that my friends are there to help me along the way. Even though it takes up a lot of my time, it’s a great stress outlet and clears my mind for school. Overall it’s just really fun to do something I’m good at.”