Alex Beckett finds a passion for rugby


Photo Courtesy: Brooke Beckett

Alex Beckett is a senior at Carlsbad High School. Becket has been playing rugby for six years.

Madison Medina, editor in chief

When most think about rugby, big men and bloody noses come to mind. When senior Alex Beckett thinks of the sport she sees herself doing what she loves, playing one of the worlds most aggressive sports.

“I started playing rugby in eighth grade and at the time, I had no idea what it was but my PE coach told me I should try it because I was too aggressive for soccer, which I had previously played for 6 years,” Beckett said. “I immediately fell in love with rugby. Rugby is so different with any other sport, it involves strength and speed with endurance and strategy.”

As a long time player of the game, Beckett has received many achievements, and believes that wining is not just a reward, but the game itself.

“Unlike football, a tackle doesn’t end the play,” Beckett said. “It is the most rewarding, strenuous, strategic and physically demanding sport I have ever came across, so it always poses a challenge. My biggest achievement on rugby is winning the National Championship 5 times consecutively as well as being invited to play for the junior all American team.”

With the company of elite teams and coaches, Beckett has a supportive fan base. One of her biggest fans, her sister, is one of the many who can see rugby in Alex’s future.

“She is one of the most hard working people I know,” sophomore Brooke Beckett said. “She gives 100% to everything that she does and her determination is shown through every aspect of her life. She is such an inspiration to me and everyone around her. Everything she does is in the best interest for her friends and family. She is such a bright person and I aspire to be like her. I totally see her playing rugby in the future, she is completely in love with it and I don’t know who she’d be without it.”

Although there are many reasons Alex loves the game, she enjoys rugby for one particular reason.

“My favorite part of rugby is definitely tackling with no pads,” Alex said. “Other than that, rugby has allowed my to make lifelong friends and have a great family outside of my home. People should definitely try out rugby because although it is not a popular sport, rugby allows people short, heavy, tall or small people to play. Plus it is the most exciting, scary and thrilling sport you can play on a team. Rugby has absolutely been the best experience I have had in my life.”