Girls lacrosse fall short in overtime


Whitney Drucker

Womens varsity lacrosse plays in a game against La Jolla High School in Thurday, April 30. Going into overtime in the second half, the team lost by one point.

Whitney Drucker, A&E Editor

Thursday night April 30 at 7pm girls lacrosse faced La Jolla on home turf under the stadium lights. After going into the second half of overtime, La Jolla scored with 1:03 seconds left making the score 15 for Lancer and 16 for La Jolla, costing them the game.

“We knew this team was definitely going to put up a fight with us because they’ve beaten other teams in overtime and killed teams that we’ve got taken down by,” senior Katie Beyer said.

Being the first time Carlsbad played La Jolla Lancers were unsure what to expect. By staying positive they came out strong in the first half.

“To prepare we went over our game plan and plays as a whole,” senior Mckenna Breton said. “Attack was really working on our plays and just connecting passes and catches to be effective and keeping composure throughout the eight. On defense we worked on bodying up and playing hard defense on our girls so they would not enter the eight and our goalie Lili would not have a one on one.”

For the first draw, Katie Beyer dominated the field after winning the draw and scoring the first point. Throughout the crowd excitement filled the stands with support from fans. After winning the second draw Grace McGinty scored the second point.

“In the first half we really came together, defense was a solid unit,” Breton said. “The energy was so high throughout the entire first half. Attack was executing perfectly and winning the draws every single time. There were 14 draws in the first half and we got 10 and La Jolla got 4 and so that’s why we had that huge lead, I’m thinking that’s what got the better of us. We had a mentality that we had this in the first half but obviously things can change.”

During the first half the score was Lancers: 10; La Jolla: 4. However, to start off the second half La Jolla scored two points making it 10 to six.

“You had to keep some sort of composure because then anxious energy is going to ripple across the entire field,” Breton said. “After that tied point it felt like we wanted a goal so badly we were forcing it and then it becomes bad shots and bad passes. It was rough because we were anxious and just wanted to win but we strolled in with the wrong mentality.”

With five minutes left of the second half the score was 13 to 11. By one minute and thirty seconds left, Lancers started to gain possession with 14 to 11 until a time out was called. At 35 seconds left, the score remained 14 to 14 and Carlsbad called a timeout.

“The pressure of being a senior and this being the last year all the seniors on the team put their heart out there, we tried we didn’t get the results that we wanted but we didn’t give up so that’s what counts.”

Soon to be SDSU player McGinty scores the 15th point but the opponent catches up with one second left in the first half of overtime. In the second half of over time three minutes were put on the clock. Many fouls were called and the score stayed 15 to 16 the last minute of the game.

“Next time we need to stay humble but also realize we can take these big name teams and rattle their cage a little bit,” Breton said. “We need to keep that fight in the first half and carry it all the way through the second half because the games not over until the final whistle blows.”