Girl’s varsity golf drives towards success


Girls varsity golf placed 5th in CIFs this year. The girls team won league as well.

Whitney Drucker, A&E Editor

In all of the fall sports, girls varsity golf achieved outstanding results when the team beat LCC in their rivalry game, won league and placed fifth in CIF. The varsity team members, Maria Rojas, Meghan Kenny, Shannon Oh, Haylie Bantle, Rebecca Allen and Lexi Mollner have excelled by working as a team with the help of their coach, Don Hartley.

“I feel like the team got really close this year,” senior Meghan Kenny said. ” We spent a lot of our time together and almost every day after school together. In addition to that, we would hang out on the weekends and golf. It was a cool team bonding experience.”

The team practices every day after school, along with weekends to prepare for matches all throughout the week.

“Varsity doesn’t really practice because we have matches four days a week, but since we are all really driven and dedicated, we practice on our own time like on the weekends or when we didn’t have a match, ” Kenny said.

One of the major accomplishments was beating their rival team LCC in league, which Varsity golf persevered and achieved.

“We had to play LCC twice to beat them and be overall league champions and we beat them,” Kenny said. “When we played them the second time, we were nervous but we beat them and we shot our course record as a team.”

Another huge accomplishment was placing fifth in CIF. The teamwork of the entire team really pushed the girls into achieving a higher rank than last year.

“The entire team got league champions so that was cool, and then, we went off to CIF,” senior Oh said. “We came back, Rebecca and I both got our personal records. Rebecca alone shot ten strokes less and that helped us move to 5th place and that helped us get fifth place alone in CIF, which was pretty good because we were tied sixth going into the second day.”

Shinning the spotlight on one particular player, Oh reached outstanding personal achievements in addition to the teams success.

“The season, personally for me, went amazing. I finished with becoming individual league champ,” Oh said. “Overall, I tied for forth with a score of 76/68. I went off to regionals and got top 25. I finished off being player of the year.”

The teams success made possible by coach Hartley’s guidance and access to adeueut golf courses for practice. Hartley is a member at Omni Resorts La Costa so the player had access to professional advanced courses.

“Our coach is really supportive of us,” Rojas said. “He never tries to make us feel bad about how we play and he always just tries to encourage us to do better and play as a team not as individuals. That is a really big thing with us.”

Overall, the girls golf team are proud of their accomplishments this season. Next year, seniors hope the same winning legacy carries on and improves.

“I hope that the team stays united,” Rojas said. “That’s really important for a team to not just be friends but teammates but be kind to each other and support each other.”