Chad Stone rolls to the top


Danny Tajimaroa

Senior Chad Stone warms up his serves during a game against Mission Hills. Chad has been playing tennis since he was six years old and also play piano while keeping a rigorous academic schedule.

Being the number one singles player at Carlsbad is not enough for the tennis addict, Chad Stone. He has pushed himself to be first in league as well as tenth in San Diego for boys eighteen and under. The four year varsity player started playing tennis when he was six with his family because his parents wanted to play a sport the whole family could play. Discovering his passion at such a young age has allowed him to greatly improve.
“I have been on the same team as Chad for four years,” senior teammate Tristen D’Abreau said. “Chad’s work ethic and focus sets him apart from the rest. He is always keen on the court and he does not mess around, he is very serious about tennis. That seriousness has really brought his game up. He has always been good, but that mental focus makes him better then everyone in league.”
Stone has worked hard on and off the court, which is evident in his cumulative 4.2 GPA. He dedicates long hours to the sport and involvement in the school, leaving very few moments free but still manages to play the piano, weekly. 
“He plays tennis three hours a day then he comes home and does homework for four hours,” sophomore younger brother Spencer Stone said. “On top of all of this he is a good person, he always thinks of others before himself, pretty cliche, but true. Plus he has friends. He is very responsible and also holds his teammates responsible.”
In order to improve, Stone attends clinics and privates. Stone competes in many tournaments unrelated to the high school league, in the local area hosted under the United States Tennis Association. Once the tournament games are finished they are recorded and figured into a ranking system that the USTA holds to seed all the players.
“As for my most memorable playing experience, it happened this past summer when I won a couple of tournaments specifically the San Dieguito junior open,” senior Chad Stone said. “All the top kids from southern California play in that tournament so it is a big deal. I am also very grateful to have committed to University of California Santa Cruz to play tennis and probably study bio-engineering.”