Brace yourselves, winter sports are coming


Marianna Marsden

Senior Matt Deemer makes a save while trying out for his last season on Mens Varsity soccer. Tryouts have lasted all week, and results were posted Friday morning, congratulations to all team members!

For those of you who are prepared for an all new, legendary, exhausting and cold season of sports get your physicals ready  and be prepared to lose some hours of homework because winter is coming and it’s going to be a tough one.

Having an immensely successful season last year, CHS’s coaches and players hope for the best  for this year’s season. The sports which are taking place during this stressful and harsh time of the year are soccer, basketball, water polo and wrestling.

JV players, in being the “new blood” of the teams, were the ones with the most profound anticipation and excitement towards the new sports season.

” I want us to think forward for every game.” Said JV soccer player Cole Sabala regarding his hopes for this year’s soccer season. “Last year we judged every team based on it’s last years’ performance and that led us to unexpected and unpleasant results”

Despite from some lost games, last year’s soccer team had a quite successful season. CHS’s Varsity soccer coach Jeff Riccitelli took lots of pride in his team’s achievements.

“We won the league championship but we lost in the CIF finals,” said Riccitelli. Last year’s season was probably the best season in the history of the school, if we can come close to last year’s success this year  it would be great ”

Soccer was not the only sport with such an unprecedented success. CHS’s basketball team had also outstanding results.

“We won 17 games and we had a great team with some really good leaders that will hopefully play in this year’s season”Said basketball coach Scott Ogden.” Last year’s season was excellent and we will hopefully continue to have that momentum we had last year and our goal will be to have 20 wins.”

The spirit and the expectations for this year’s performance are high since the outstanding victories for CHS sports teams didn’t stop there. Wresting had also a groundbreaking victory against other schools.

Even though Sophomore Monte Quebedeux  is in JV, he admires his teammates’ effort and their achievements and hopes one day to have the same success as they did.

We kicked butt,varsity did not even have to put up a fight at all,” said Quebedeux. “I’m really looking forward to joining the team next year, I can’t wait.”

But beyond all the competition, sports like this are mostly bonding time for teenagers.

“I went through many cool experiences, I got to make some good new friendships and I had a great time,” said Quebedeux.

CHS’s girls had also a decent run in last year’s winter sports. Especially in water polo, the girls were quite successful.

” We won CIF and came in first place in leagues,” said sophomore  Summer Switzersmith.”If we also win CIFs this year it’s going to be the third year in a row, which will be amazing if we manage to pull it out.”

Out of the water our girls had also a good run in soccer and basketball spreading for once again their pride and sport’s spirit to all of the lancers and to other schools in the district.

CHS’s sports teams kept up their good effort and their players are looking forward to an all new winter sports season . So dust off your sneakers and have your physicals ready because it’s time to burn some calories and build up muscles, sport’s season is upon us and it’s going to be a good one.