Senior “Z” Miller wrestles to reach new heights

Senior Z Miller wrestles against his opponent on Jan. 18, at Vista High School. Miller went on to win his match.

Natasha Menard

Senior “Z” Miller wrestles against his opponent on Jan. 18, at Vista High School. Miller went on to win his match.

Jennifer Kim, copy editor

At the sound of the bell, senior Alexander “Z” Miller transforms into an intimidating opponent, daunting in his 5-feet of glory. This CHS athlete is a wrestling contradiction.

On the boys varsity wrestling team for all four years of his high school career, Miller placed third individually at CIF last year, proving his passion for wrestling despite his height. To Miller, being tall is not a challenge.

“Wrestling is really serious,” Miller said. “You have to devote so much time to wrestling because others are constantly training to get better.”

From running hills, sprints and stairs everyday, the varsity wrestlers practice and conditioning never ends. Miller must train harder than the rest to achieve success in such a physical sport. However, while most view short height as a disadvantage, Miller believes otherwise.

“Mostly people in school who don’t wrestle tease me,” Miller said. “I personally think that being short is an advantage because you’re always under the other wrestlers”.

After trying football his freshman year, to Miller, wrestling ironically seemed a better sport, contrary to most beliefs. Miller knew the training he would need to conquer would be hard to master such a vigorous sport.

“I truly believe wrestling is the toughest sport on campus,” Miller said. “There’s nothing that can compare but no one gives us credit until they actually try it.”

Miller embraces the mental and physical challenge that wrestling offers him. For Miller, wrestling put him in front of an ultimatum he couldn’t resist.

“Honestly, I couldn’t bear the thought of quitting,” Miller said. “Wrestling pushes me to finish, in any situation. I’ve learned to persevere. Wrestling made me who I am.”

An athlete deserving praise, Miller overcame his height and his will to give up to continue fighting for a sport he loved. Though wrestling may seem like a challenge of brute physical strength, Miller would always disagree with you on that.

“It’s all about playing to your strengths,” Miller said.