Miranda Tomaneng, new frosh tennis player, aims for the top

Freshmen Miranda Tomaneng struts for the ball as she uses her skills in tennis performing a forehand.

Freshmen Miranda Tomaneng struts for the ball as she uses her skills in tennis performing a forehand.

Julie Ambo, News Editor

Out of hundreds of girls in the freshman class, only one accomplished the difficult feat of earning a spot on the girls varsity tennis team.

Although freshman Miranda Tomaneng began playing tennis a mere year and a half ago, her admirable work ethic, special spin serve  and constant practice with her dad greatly influenced her success in the tryouts.

“I was really surprised because I didn’t think I was going to make varsity, but I was also happy because I tried really hard,” Tomaneng said.

Although being a part of varsity is challenging, Tomaneng enjoys the experience — especially since this is the first time she’s played on a tennis team.

“It’s intimidating to compare yourself to [the upperclassmen] because they’re all really good,” Tomaneng said.  “But, it also helps you to want to improve to be at the same level as them.”

Coach Clayton Johnson praises her effort and the relaxed atmosphere she brings to the team.

“Miranda has a diverse outlook and tries very hard,” coach Johnson said.  “She pushes the people above her, and they, in turn, push her.”

In Tomaneng’s typical week of singing and dancing in Encore, practicing eight hours of tennis and completing homework, she struggles to balance the three, and frequently resorts to staying up late.  Despite this, Tomaneng maintains an optimistic attitude that her teammates admire.

“She definitely motivates us because she’s always happy, no matter what,” junior Emma Findlay said.

Although improving every day, Tomaneng is unsure about her future in tennis.

“I don’t really see myself as an athlete, but I think it’d be really cool,” Tomaneng said.  “If I got the opportunity, I’d probably go for it.”

In addition to Tomaneng, the CHS tennis team consists of a numerous amount of skilled players, all with promising talent this season.  Support varsity tennis at home on Sept. 20 at 3:15 as they take on RBV.

Those who attend may even get the chance to witness Tomaneng’s special spin serve.