McKenna Tollack’s talent takes her across the country and beyond high school


Tollack holds up her CIF trophy after defeating the San Pasqual Golden Eagles in overtime.

Shelby Rowe, Editor in Chief

Before most kids even found their hidden talent, senior McKenna Tollack already had a grasp on hers, discovering it at the age of seven. This talent was soccer. By the age of 10, she was already traveling out of state on San Diego Surf Club to play in tournaments. Throughout her childhood, it seemed apparent that soccer was Tollack’s calling.
“The first time I traveled out of state was to Arizona when I was pretty young and from then I’ve been traveling across America with my club team,” senior McKenna Tollack said.
Arizona, Washington and Virginia are just a few states she has traveled to over the course of her soccer career. The opportunities to travel across the country separates her from most high school athletes as she has traveled more than the average teen. Facing a variety of teams and opponents has allowed Tollack to build her skills and prove her strength as a competitor.
“I’ve played tournaments in Colorado, New Jersey, Virginia, Arizona, Washington, Idaho, North Carolina and Nevada,” Tollack said. “I think that’s all of them. Sometimes I forget because I travel so much.”
With dedication to practice, games and tournaments, Tollack has given up the normal lifestyle of a high school student to pursue her talents in soccer. She travels out of state for weekly tournaments, which has caused her to miss school and social functions, like her senior homecoming.
“Because I play so much I miss out on a lot of my friends birthdays and social events,” Tollack said. “I almost missed prom and I definitely miss a lot of school just so I can keep playing soccer.”
For the past ten years, Tollack has played soccer competitively and doesn’t plan to stop after high school. She has already committed to play goalie for USD for the next four years.
“I’m really excited to play for USD next year. I know its going to be hard work, but I’m obviously really dedicated to soccer so I’m just excited to play for such a great college,” Tollack said.
Even though she has sacrificed her teenage years for soccer, Tollack does not regret how far she has come. With countless wins and a few loses, her soccer experience is one she will always cherish.
“Even though it takes up so much of my time, soccer is literally my life.  That’s what I do!” Tollack said. “I couldn’t picture it any other way.”