Girls JV lacrosse team loses close game against Torrey Pines Falcons

Trina Kim, Copy Editor

On April 24, the girls JV lacrosse team fought a close game against the Torrey Pine Falcons.  The Lancers were unable to pull ahead and lost 9-11.

The Falcons started the game with an early lead, scoring the first goal in the opening 30 seconds of the game. This did not deter the Lancers as sophomore Riley Porter received a pass from Courtney Haubach and scored by the 18 minute mark. Freshmen Hannah Seemann and McKenna Breton also scored during the first half.

“We did pretty well,” Breton said. “I think the first half was stronger than the second.”

The Falcons struggled to break through the defense but managed to end the second half with a score of 5-4.

“A successful zone cannot be done without working together as a team and helping one another out,” coach Marriah Green said.

Lancers started the second half with high spirits and focused more on playing zone. However, the Falcons pushed their offense.

While Torrey Pines managed to make some shots, goalie Emma Allen cleared two attempts during the second half. After that, both teams matched point-for-point, but the Falcons maintained a two point lead throughout the rest of the game.

Breton scored with only two minutes remaining in the game to bring the score to 9-11.

Regardless of the loss, the team had their best plays of the season and will continue to apply different strategies in their games.

“Our passes were always connected and we dominated the ground balls,” Green said. “I would say it was our best game yet.”